GelreDome, Arnhem, NETHERLANDS

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Transmission Festival – NEW SHOW


GelreDome, Arnhem, NETHERLANDS



  • Take care of your friends and people around you.
  • Seek first aid if you or any of your friends are feeling unwell.
  • Stay hydrated and don’t forget to eat.
  • Don’t overdo it. Everyone has their limit, be responsible.
  • Take it easy and make sure to take breaks for rest.
  • Travel home safely with friends, use public transportation.

The GELREDOME gates open at 14:00 hr. (02:00 PM) and the show ends at 23:00 hr. (11:00 PM).

Transmission is accessible from 18 years and older. Although we’d love to have each and every one of you, we can’t make any exceptions, not even if your birthday is the day after the festival. If in doubt, we will ask for a valid proof of identity.

If your 18th birthday happens to be on the day of the festival, you’re more than welcome to celebrate this special day with us.

We’ll be gradually unveiling the lineup of artists. The schedule will be announced three days before the event.

The sound level is between 98db and 103 db. It’s strongly advised to wear earplugs.

Yes, an selection of merchandise will be available for purchase on the event day.

Food & Beverages
It is not possible to bring food and drinks on the festival grounds. There is plenty of opportunity to eat and drink at Transmission.

For safety reasons it is also NOT allowed to bring liquids on the festival grounds (so no deodorant, deodorant rollers, hair spray etc.)

Drugs, weapons and other prohibited substances
It is prohibited to bring in, drugs, LASER POINTERS, glass, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic pet bottles, sharp objects, and other objects that could threaten visitors of the event. Clothing with or other visible signs of physical appearance expressing explicit political and social movements and groups are prohibited as well.


Batavierenweg 25

6841 HN Arnhem


If you ravel by public transport, first take the train to Arnhem Central Station. Buses to (Transferium) GelreDome depart from the city bus platform located here. Shuttle buses run between the central station and the Gelredome. Return tickets for the shutlle buses can be purchased at the shuttle buses for 5,50 euro.


Navigte to Batavierenweg 25 Arnhem, and upon arrival follow the yellow signs with parking. Parking Tickets are available HERE

The Gelredome has 3 entrances, entrance Q, entrance E and VIP entrance. Which entrance you have is stated on your ticket.

People with disabilities can buy a regular ticket. Gelredome is indeed wheelchair accessible. Both step-free entrance and adapted toilets are taken care of. All of the entrances are barrier-free.

Medicines, food and liquids that are necessary due to allergies or illnesses may be taken in combination with a medicine passport. A medication passport is available from any pharmacy. Please allow for an application time of approximately 3 weeks.

Too late to apply? Bring something along that shows our security staff that you really need the medication, food or liquids.

Allergic to gluten?
On site we have gluten-free food available in small amounts. We understand that you don’t want to have any risk of cross-contamination or that the food line up might be too limited. You can then bring your own (i.e. for 1 person) gluten-free food by way of high exception.
Please note: Indicate this during the visitation upon entry so that security is aware of this.

Yes. You can pre-order or you can rent an E-locker at the entrance of Transmission. These are lockers with a code. So keep your code safe and beware of people watching you. You can use the locker with that code throughout the day. Size of a locker is: 30 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 24 cm high.

If you have also purchased a locker, it will be automatically linked to your entrance based on your entrance ticket. Take your Locker Ticket with you to the venue, can also be scanned from your phone. Have your Locker ticket scanned at the Lockerbox counter and receive your locker with the corresponding code.

It is not permitted to include (semi) professional photography and video equipment (with interchangeable lenses) on the festival grounds. Smartphones and small compact cameras with a built-in lens are allowed.

In addition, the Transmission media team will be present throughout the day to record every corner of Transmission. These images will be posted online after the event.

For press requests you can fill in and send the form: HERE

You pay for your drinks at GelreDome with the GelreDome Wallet. This payment card is available at the vending machines and/or cash registers. If there is a catering square on the outside area, the Wallets are also available on the outside square. You can pay for the wallet including credit, both in cash and with a credit card or debit card.

You can register the Wallet via the special wallet website and make it personal. This way you can easily view your orders, top up your credit or have it transferred back to your account after the event. The minimum amount for which you can purchase the Wallet is € 5.00

To register the Wallet you must enter the validation code. This is on the back under the scratch layer.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase or order the GelreDome Wallet prior to an event.


Smoking is also not allowed in the Gelredome!

Designated smoking areas will be allocated.

You are required to be able to identify yourself. We randomly check for this at the entrance. Has your ID card been lost or expired? Then report it to your municipality for a Declaration of Loss. Together with a document proving it is you, you can then identify yourself.

Regular tickets

VIP tickets

Regular ticket prices range from 79.50 € to 89.50 € + ticket fee.

VIP ticket prices are 150 € + ticket fee.

You can buy tickets via the Seeticket platform.

Do not buy tickets from other people!

Nowadays it’s difficult to see if a ticket is fake and it’s very easy to make a copy or print an e-ticket more times. However, the barcode on the ticket can be used only once at the entrance therefore we strongly advise you to buy tickets directly through the official ticket sellers to be 100% assured you own a valid ticket. Do not buy tickets on the black market to avoid disappointment. If you buy your ticket any other way than through the official channels, it’s your own responsibility and you have no guarantee that access will be allowed and no right to claim any compensation.

If you have another question that hasn’t been addressed on this website, please contact us HERE