Transmission Festival is ready to provide yet another unique experience on Saturday, the 28thOctober 2023 at the Ergo Arena. Theme: THE AWAKENING!
The Ergo Arena gates open at 19:00 (7 PM) and the show ends at 6:00 (6 AM) next day
The minimum age to enter the Transmission festival at Ergo Arena is 18 years.
Plac Dwoch Miast 1, 80-344 Gdańsk
Train Travel to Sopot Wyścigi (thru Polną i Łokietka street – 15 min) Travel to Gdańsk Żabianka (Subisława i Rybacką street – 10 minut) Tram No. 2 – Stop Gospody/Pomorska No. 4 – Stop Gospody/Pomorska No. 5 – Stop Gospody/Pomorska No. 6 – Stop Osiedle Wejhera No. 8 – Stop Osiedle Wejhera Car Drive by car and park at Ergo Arena parking – 50 zł (11€)
There are 4 main entrances at Ergo Arena. It’s free to choose which entrance you will use to enter Ergo Arena. Detailed info will be published few days prior event.
To guarantee a comfortable experience for our fans, the maximum capacity of the Ergo Arena will be reduced compared to other events, so make sure you will buy one of the available tickets as quickly as you can.
The sound level will be between 102 and 105 db. To protect your hearing it’s strongly advised to wear party-earplugs, these can also be purchased at the Transmission Merchandise stand at the show.
The show contains special effects including strobe lighting, lasers, haze and pyrotechnics. Please note if you are prone to epileptic seizures, high intensity strobing and effects will be used throughout the event.
It is prohibited to bring in your own food and drinks, drugs, LASER POINTERS, glass, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic pet bottles, sharp objects, and other objects that could threaten visitors of the event. Clothing with or other visible signs of physical appearance expressing explicit political and social movements and groups are prohibited as well.
People with disabilities can buy a regular ticket and will have a free ticket for their escort. There are barrier-free entrances for people with disabilities. Please use D3 and B3 entrance if you are using wheelchair. The Ergo Arena features a total of 8 spots for wheelchair users and their escorts. Please contact to make sure the spot is booked for you.
Smoking of regular and e-cigarettes is not allowed in the Ergo Arena and only allowed outside the Ergo Arena. In case of breaking this rule, the security will warn the smoker and in case of repeated smoking, the visitor will be escorted out of the venue by either the Ergo Arena security or the Police, without the chance of ticket compensation Smoking area will be marked on the venue map published few days prior event.
The Ergo Arena offers plenty of toilets which are available for free. For the VIP guests will be reserved restrooms in VIP area.
Yes, there will be various Transmission Merchandise items available for sale in Ergo Arena.
Payments in Ergo Arena are accepted only in Zlotys and by card.
Plenty bars with warm food, soft drinks and beer will be available in the Ergo Arena. These are operated by local contractor.
There will be numerous fast-food options and snacks available in the Ergo Arena.
For Transmission Poland 2023 we are not providing e-locker facility. There will be available cloackroom facilities run by venue. If you are VIP ticket holder, you have a cloakroom free of charge) VIP cloackroom will be located in the VIP area (6th floor).
Do not buy tickets from other people! Nowadays it’s difficult to see if a ticket is fake and it’s very easy to make a copy or print an e-ticket more times. However, the barcode on the ticket can be used only once at the Ergo arena entrance therefore we strongly advise you to buy tickets directly through the official ticket sellers to be 100% assured you own a valid ticket. Do not buy tickets on the black market to avoid disappointment. If you buy your ticket any other way than through the official channels, it’s your own responsibility and you have no guarantee that access will be allowed and no right to claim any compensation.
No, the name on the E-ticket does not need to match with the person entering the Ergo Arena. The barcode is what matters and what is checked.
No, the tickets are not refundable after purchase.

If you have another question and you can’t find the answer on this website, please contact us HERE.